What are we doing?

We defend the interest of about 50 players worldwide. 

We have excellent relationship with a lot of leading clubs all over the world. 


In addition the company has build up a world wide network of reliable business partners and realised transfers in different countries, as well in Europe as in Asia.


With our experience and our network we offer services to interested clubs and players. 


The company benefits an excellent reputation and wants to develop a long term business relationship with his partners. 

Soccer Interprosport Management, founded by Moïse Sanogo, can offer to the partner-clubs our experience and network in the football market.

What can we do for players

Professional skills 

The main activity of the professional football player lies on the football field. He has to concentrate on his personal development as a sportsman. This should be his main concern. All other things should be managed by a reliable agent.
The young football player normally does not know enough about the complex world of football (soccer) with its many rules and laws (which may differ from country to country). He has to deal with mostly experienced club managers, for whom the club concerns are – naturally - most important. That is why it is absolutely necessary to seek guidance and assistance from reliable professionals like Soccer Interprosport Management.




Soccer Interprosport Management offers all its partners a national and international network in the world of professional football as well as a highly competent team of sport specialists, legal experts and tax specialists, on both a national and an international level. For us, the professional sportsman is much more than a product of transfer.
Soccer Interprosport Management has an excellent reputation based on professional knowledge, experience and reliability of its managing directors Moïse Sanogo, FIFA-agents. 


Career planning 

At the beginning of everything lies goal-oriented career planning. There are many examples of promising football players that – because they went for the big money too soon – missed out on a nice career. Soccer Interprosport Management cooperates with a number of independent professional advisors in order to optimize the provided guidance and to make sure that the player’s professional career can be developed in a step like fashion, in dialogue with the sportsman’s family. We take great interest in personal contact with the football player and his social environment.  

Both young talents and more experienced players can rely on our permanent attention


Guidance and assistance 

Soccer Interprosport Management disposes of all national and international licences. On top of that, Soccer Interprosport Management has developed a strong national and international network, which increases the football player’s chances of an optimal career development. Thorough knowledge of the financial situation of the football clubs is also absolutely necessary to make the correct choices.
A good contract is important! Still, we see in practice time and time again that when contracts are negotiated, important elements are overlooked, like an adequate pension plan, social duties, insurance, taxes, special stipulations etc. It is the football player who will be the victim of this later on. Therefore, it is necessary to take all possibilities into account on beforehand. It’s better to prevent than to cure!
For all these aspects, Soccer Interprosport Management has a competent team at its disposal. If necessary, external experts will also be called in. 


Legal and tax advice 

Because of the complexity of the various legislations, legal and tax advice is absolutely necessary. Soccer Interprosport Management will also appeal to renowned top experts, if necessary. 


Medical advice 

For a professional sportsman, an optimal health condition is simply vital. The same holds for a correct diagnosis and an adequate treatment, in case something goes wrong. A second medical advice might sometimes be desirable. Soccer Interprosport Management has direct connections to internationally renowned medical specialists.

What can we do for clubs


Every football club determines its own goals. Mostly, the sports related goals are conditioned by the club’s financial means. Finding an optimal balance here is a real challenge. Very often, external factors and emotional decisions destroy this balance. That’s why it is important to have your club counselled and helped by reliable professionals like Soccer Interprosport Management. They are not influenced by external factors; for us, the objective mission of the club is what counts.




Soccer Interprosport Management has an excellent reputation as a loyal partner, founded on relevant expertise, international experience, discretion and reliability, which was built up by Moïse SanogoFIFA-agent.




Soccer Interprosport Management offers its partners a national and international network in the world of professional football as well as a highly competent team of sports experts, commercial specialists, legal advisers and tax specialists, who value loyal partnership highly. 

To attract good and affordable players that give the club an surplus value both with respect to football and with respect to finances, is every club’s challenge – and therefore also ours. 

On the basis of a number of financial investments and with considerable creativity, Soccer Interprosport Management has managed to build up a strong national and international network of sports counsellors and reliable business partners in such a way that ISM’s activities can be said to extend on a worldwide scale. This network considerably exceeds the individual club’s scouting system. It offers the possibility to penetrate the international football landscape as inexpensively as possible and to go beyond the financial limitations of the local (national) market, so that financial surplus values can be realized.



Counselling / Coaching 

In order for the football player to yield an optimal profit for the club, it is necessary that he can concentrate mainly on his development as a sportsman. It is therefore necessary that he is adequately counselled. He should be free of all additional (often petty) concerns. Soccer Interprosport Management takes up responsibility here and does not hesitate to contact external partners, if necessary. 


Employment intermediary 

Soccer Interprosport Management is constantly looking for the right balance between the club’s possibilities and the individual player’s wishes. For both parties there should be an acceptable balance; this is a condition for the development of a healthy professional relationship. To achieve this goal, Soccer Interprosport Management has all national and international licences and permits.